• Ayela Khuhro

Artifacts that define you

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Eli was walking through the park when he noticed something jutting out from the ground. Curious, he walked over to it and dug it out from the dirt. It was a unique and angular object with a pointed tip, about two inches long with a shiny surface. What could it be? "What if it turns out to be of historic value," he thought!

The following day, Eli took the item to his History teacher in school and she managed to identify the object. "It is a Native American arrowhead," she said, "these were used since ancient times as weapons and tools!" She encouraged Eli to take the arrowhead to the manager of the park and explained that artifacts should not be removed from sites. The following day Eli took the arrowhead back to the park manager who was very pleased with him for being so responsible. He then handed the arrowhead over to a site archaeologist for further examination.

Now, imagine if an archaeologist discovers your room in the future - two hundred years from now. What would he/she learn about you from the objects found within your room?


1. On a sheet of paper, list ten things in your bedroom that would tell the archaeologist about you.

2. What might the archaeologist know about you based on his findings?

3. All of the things in your bedroom are in context. Why do you think it is important to leave artifacts in place at archaeological sites?