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Gustav Klimt: Art Going to Pieces

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Austrian artist Gustav Klimt created pieces of art with an array of patterns and shapes made of various materials, working long hours a day. Woman in Gold is among his most popular paintings and a great example for this project.

You will need need to find materials around the house as a part of the process of creating your masterpiece. In addition, you will need to purchase four to six cardboard in black or white) and masking tape.


  • Four to six cardboard in black or white

  • Masking tape

  • Unwanted pieces of fabric

  • Unwanted magazines

  • Colorful paper

  • Tissue paper

  • Construction paper

  • Candy wrappers

  • Yarn

  • Foil

  • Glitter

  • Silver or gold paint.


1. For this activity, you will be working on the floor. The process may take several days and you may have to take several breaks in between. Patience is key!

2. Tape sheets of cardboard together with masking tape.

3. Working on the side that you do not see the tape, draw an outline of your model (This may be a family member, a friend or a figure from a magazine).

4. Take a moment to look at the Woman in Gold painting paying special attention to the background which is composed of numerous cutouts and other bits applied onto the sheet. This is what we are trying to imitate.

5. Next, cut out your own shapes and patterns with your own papers and fabrics. Fabric can be used for clothes, yarn for hair, the face can be a photo from a magazine etc. This is when you get to be really creative! Glue the shapes onto the cardboard. (Tip: Glue from top to bottom).

6. Enjoy the process!

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