• Ayela Khuhro

Record a Family Recipe

Food history is a fascinating subject! Not only does it tell us about the origins of dishes, It shows the impact of food on society and vice versa. The COVID 19 virus recently forced people to go into quarantine. How did this impact your food habits at home?

Let's try and think about our most favorite foods. Is there any dish that you really truly love and would like to know more about? Who cooks your favorite dish? Is it Grandma? A sibling? A parent? Find out recipe details from the person who cooked this dish and write them down. You will have to learn the name of the dish, ingredients and cooking directions. Is there a special memory or story that the chef associates with the dish?

Did you know that many foods we eat have interesting historical originals?

Let’s consider a simple sandwich which is an essential part of American food culture. The word sandwich that we use today was born in 1762 when an English nobleman, John Montagu, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich in Kent, England, was too busy playing cards to stop for a meal, so he demanded meat to be placed between slices of bread. This promptly became known as the sandwich!

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