• Ayela Khuhro

Write a story about an artifact

An artifact is an object made by or used by humans

Subjects: Science, Social Studies, Language Arts

Skills: Knowledge, Comprehension, Concentration, Application, Synthesis, Analysis

Duration: 60 to 90 minutes

Materials: Writing pad and pencil

Objective: To select a cultural object from, then study and analyse it.


  • Pretend that your house is a Museum

  • Choose a cultural object in your house such as a painting, a bowl, a piece of jewelry, a photograph etc. and list physical details about it; shape, size, material, decoration etc. and then try to determine what it was used for.

  • How old do you think this object is? Historic, Prehistoric, Modern?

  • An example of an object's description may be: “round shallow bowl, painted green on the inside and blue on the outside with a gold zigzag pattern around the circumference.” Make sure that the traits that you select and note down are distinctive features and avoid making subjective remarks, i.e. based on personal feelings or taste.

  • You may sketch the object in addition to your notes.

  • Finally, write a short story in a paragraph, about the object. You can be creative with this story - it does not have to stick to facts


Culture: A set of learned beliefs, values and behaviors – the way of life – shared by members of society.

Historic: Referring to the past era or cultures in which or about written records were made.

Pre-historic: A term referring to past eras and cultures in which or about written records were made.

Modern: relating to present or recent times as opposed to the remote past.