• Ayela Khuhro

Your Neighborhood


· Photograph your neighborhood. Using your photos as a guide, cut, arrange and paste torn and cut pieces of colored paper in order to create a collage.


· Black and Colored Construction Paper (An assortment pack)

· Glue/Glue sticks/or Matt Medium (medium used for collages)

· Scissors


1. Take a black sheet of construction paper and lay it on your working surface.

2. Get another sheet of construction paper of a different color, cut it so that you have 1” of black showing as a border. Glue it on top of the black sheet. Let the glue dry.

3. While the glue is drying, pick out what other colors of construction paper you would like to use for the houses, trees, streets and fences. Arrange them onto the top color sheet of paper. (Black is only used for the border)

4. Using scissors, cut out the shapes for houses including windows, doors and so on.

5. By now, the colored sheet/black underneath should be dry. Take the cut-out pieces for the structures etc. and arrange them onto the color/black sheet.

6. After the arrangement is done proceed gluing these onto the black/colored sheet. Let dry.